Blocks Retiring Soon | Traditional Lego Sets

April 16, 2018

Blocks Retiring Soon | Traditional Lego Sets

Lego City Passenger Plane 

LEGO Passenger Your Lego city can never be complete without the all new amazing Lego Passenger Plane. Take your mini figures to new destinations and fly around the world on the Passenger Plane. The big Lego Passenger Plane will let you reach the skies and fly under the sun. This is the right plane to get you anywhere in speed, style and comfort. So what are you waiting for grab your boarding pass and get on the next flight.


The passenger plane set includes the amazing plane itself which you will be building up by joining Lego bricks. The final check is mandatory before every flight so make sure the service worker drinks a cup of coffee before he goes to work. Climb on board and buckle up on your seat. The airport tow truck will move the plane in to position before the plane is ready for takeoff. This is one of the most thrilling and mesmerizing items you can add to your Lego City collection.

Main Features and Attractions

This award winner Lego set includes three mini figures; a pilot, a passenger and a service man. You can role-play any of them and experience the life on ground and in the air with this great passenger plane. The set includes a plane and a tow truck. So taxi your passenger plane on the runway and wait for the signal till you take off. Enjoy the vacations and fly to your favorite Cities around the globe.


LEGO Passenger Plane 3181 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Airport car can pull the plane or transport baggage and holds a minifigure
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Pilot, passenger and service man
  • Passenger Plane features 3-part opening top, 6 passenger seats and 1 seat for the pilot
  • Plane measures over 15" (38cm) long and over 3" (7cm) tall
  • 309 LEGO pieces

Lego Creator 3 in 1 Maersk Triple E

LEGO Creator Set Have you ever wondered how all the great stuff from around the world comes directly to your local shops and then to your homes? How do Lego products come to your playroom from across the world from a different country? The answer is simple. Different goods come in containers that are loaded on huge, and by huge we mean massive ships that move travel through the largest oceans of the world. Lego Creator presents to you the largest ship in the world- the enormous and most advanced Maersk ‘Triple-E’.


This massive ship will let you explore and experience the life on these ships. The ship is built by combining 1500 Lego bricks to form one gigantic ocean vessel. The intricate details bring life to this ship. The ship is colored with rare colors like dark red, sand blue, azur and sand green. The twin-propeller engines are painted gold and also rotate to give them a realistic feel. The containers are moveable, so you can play with them in any way you desire. This model is the most amazing and detailed model which is perfect for Lego Creator fans around the globe.

Main Features and Attractions

This huge Maersk Triple-E includes gold-colored propeller blades, adjustable rudders, detachable life boats, rotating crane arms, removable containers and a special good luck coin. You can mount the model on the display stand or play with it on a carpet surface. For more details, Lego’s building instructions will guide you on how to build it and also tell you amazing facts about the ship. Don’t miss it!


LEGO Creator Set #10241 Maersk Line Triple-E
  • Features include rotating gold-colored propeller blades, brick-built twin 8-cylinder engines, viewing window into the engine compartment, adjustable rudders, detachable lifeboats, removable containers, rotating crane arms and a special 'good luck' coin
  • Includes rare medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green colored elements
  • Play with the model on carpeted surfaces or mount the model on the display stand
  • Building instructions also include interesting facts about the real ship
  • Includes 1,516 bricks; Ship (mounted on stand) measures over 8" (21cm) high, 25" (65cm) long and 3" (9cm) wide

Lego King’s Castle 

LEGO Kings Castle retiring soonThe Lego King’s Castle will bring your castle fantasies to life. Build your very own castle and experience the life of a castle in real. Set up the castle and protect your king. Don’t let the Dragon Soldiers break in to your King’s Castle. Use the catapult to fire and destroy the Dragon Army. Lower the drawbridge and let your soldiers out in to the battle field.


Raise the gate so the dragon army cannot breach inside and take over your King’s Castle. Role-play the Knight and his army to make the Dragon Army retreat back. Hurry up before the Dragon warriors storm the castle with their deadly catapult weapons. Its your duty to save and protect the king. Protect your glorious castle and be the White Knight. This fantastic lego castle is a model and has many intricate details that will let you enjoy your fantasies.

Main features and Attractions
The King’s Castle is made to feel real like. The architecture and details used are simply mind blowing. You will never get bored by building this amazing item. The design features the king’s throne, towers, the knight’s table, a dungeon, towers, secret escape door, moveable staircase and much more. The set includes 7 mini figures equipped with weapons and ready to fight. The mini figures are different characters, king, white knight, two king’s soldiers and three dragon soldiers. This is one of the best build your own modular castle design.


LEGO Kings Castle (70404) (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Features battering ram/catapult weapon, towers, prison, collapsing back wall, King's throne, knights' table, moveable staircase and hidden escape door
  • Weapons include spiked mace, 3 swords, axe, crossbow and a bow with quiver
  • Accessories include 2 shields and a treasure chest
  • Measures over 11" high, 13" wide and 12" deep
  • Battering ram/catapult weapon measures over 1" high, 3" long and 2" wide

Lego Monster Fighters Haunted House

LEGO Monster houseThe Lego Monster Fighters series has now introduced one of the most realistic and scary Haunted House of all times. This creepy House is the most terrifying, scary and deadly monsters and ghosts ready to peel your skin off. Build this spooky haunted house model all by yourself and experience the thrill of being inside one. All your nightmares will come true when you open the front gate that leads you to this scary place.

Your knees will go weak in horror at the kitchen, office and fireplace. Still wish to go inside and have a look? Well the Lego Haunted House has it all. Bring your deadliest fantasies to life and role play your favorite mini figures in this haunted house. This Haunted house is the first and official item you can add to your Monster Fighters Collection.

Main Features and Attractions
The Haunted House set includes six mini figures consisting of two glow in the dark ghosts, a vampire couple, zombie chef and a butler ready to serve you with blood. The crooked design features a working front gate and boarded up windows to give this house a scary feel just like in the movies. The haunted house will open doors to 3 floors with detailed interior. You will also find spider webs in there so be very careful or you might get trapped in there.


LEGO Kings Castle (70404) (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Features battering ram/catapult weapon, towers, prison, collapsing back wall, King's throne, knights' table, moveable staircase and hidden escape door
  • Weapons include spiked mace, 3 swords, axe, crossbow and a bow with quiver
  • Accessories include 2 shields and a treasure chest
  • Measures over 11" high, 13" wide and 12" deep
  • Battering ram/catapult weapon measures over 1" high, 3" long and 2" wide

Lego Friends Olivia’s House 

 LEGO house Every doll house is only complete when all the characters are in place. This time Lego allows you to visit Olivia’s House with all your favorite Lego Friends mini figures. This item can be a great addition to your Friend’s collection. Olivia lives with her parents in big, colorful and lovely house that is also home to her cute little cat. The house has plenty of rooms to hang around, play and have fun with your friends. Enjoy cooking barbecue with Olivia for her friends and family at night.

Trim the lawn with the lawn mower and water the plants. Swing with Olivia in the yard and enjoy the sun light. Nothing beats a sleepover pillow fight so call all your friends and host a party at Olivia’s Home. Olivia’s Home can be rebuilt, rearranged and customized according to your own creativity and imagination. So you will be sticking to one style anymore. Rebuild when you had enough!

Main Features and Attractions

This customization doll house includes 3 mini figures, Olivia, her mom and her dad. The house features a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, barbecue, roof top patio and outdoor table. You will find different types of furniture as well. You can arrange everything according to your own requirements and customize the house upon your will. Enjoy watching TV on a flat screen while relaxing in the living room. Grab something to eat from the fridge in the kitchen. Collect all your favorite items from Lego Friends Series and enjoy a whole world of Lego Friends.


LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Includes cat Kitty and mini-doll figures: Olivia, Mom (Anna) and Dad (Peter) and features kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, barbecue, rooftop patio and outdoor table
  • Furniture includes shower, toilet, sink, bed, vanity, couch, sofa chair, coffee table, TV, refrigerator with opening door, cabinets, oven, sink, kitchen table and chairs, Oliviaes House is built in sections to easily rearrange for custom creation
  • Accessories include diary, hairbrush, blender, salt and pepper shakers, frying pan, spatula, muffin tins, mixer, utensils, baking tray, bowl, sausage, chicken drumstick, carrots, apple, bunch of cherries, milk carton and flower accessory pack
  • Lego Friends pieces are fully compatible with all Lego System bricks
  • Collect all of the Lego Friends sets for whole world of Lego Friends fun

Lego City Coast Guard Patrol 

Guard Patrol Have you ever imagined what coasts guards do and how they protect the coasts saving hundreds of people and stopping several intruders? Hurry up and grab the Lego Coast Guard Patrol set and experience the life of coast guards all by yourself. This realistic set gives you the chance to save the world in the deep waters.


Rush to the lighthouse and save the stranded couple before they become the sharks feast. Use the helicopter for aerial view of the scene and launch the submarine from your coast guard patrol boat. Send in the life preservers and pull the couple in to the helicopter. Land your helicopter on the helipad on your boat. Fire your water cannons to scare the shark away. With this Coast Guard Patrol your City coast will always be safe and protected. Your Lego city citizens can now enjoy the beach with the Coast Guard Patrol there to look after them.

Main Features and Attractions

The Coast Guard Patrol includes 6 mini figures consisting of the captain, pilot, rescuer, crew member, man and woman. The set features water cannons, submarine launcher, submarine, helicopter, dinghy, lighthouse with rock details and 3 sharks. You will find many different accessories that can be useful for your coast guard expeditions. These accessories include life preservers, life jackets, walkie-talkies, headphones on a hat and much more. So rush to your nearest Lego stores and add the Coast Guard Patrol to your collection of Lego City.


LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol 60014 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Features 2 water cannons, submarine launcher and radio antenna, helicopter, submarine, dinghy, lighthouse with rocks and 3 sharks
  • Accessories include a dog, crab, 2 life preservers, 2 life jackets, walkie-talkie, hat with headphones and an ice cream
  • Coast Guard Patrol boat and dinghy really float; deploy the submarine with a turning propeller; submarine measures over 1" high, 3" long, 2" wide
  • Lighthouse with rocks measures 6" high, 5" wide, 2" long; dinghy measures 2" high, 7" long, 3" wide; shark measures 2" long, 1" wide, approx. 1" high
  • Coast Guard Patrol Boat measures over 7" high, 15" long, 3" wide; helicopter measures over 2" high, 6" long, 2" wide

Lego Creator 3 in 1 Winter Village Cottage

LEGO The Lego Creator series has introduced the Winter Village Cottage that can be combined with your collection of other winter series items. Build a Village Cottage and experience the perfect gift game. Now you can build your own Winter holiday cottage and enjoy role-playing your favorite Lego characters.


Let Grandpa snugly sit by the fireplace and read his newspaper while you give your dad a hand to put up the Christmas tree and later you can prepare the holiday meal with your mom! You can also collect the firewood and stock it up in the shed. Dad will be doing this with the kids so move them around to do the work. Watch dad cut with his chainsaw deep in the forest. So ride with dad on the sled and enjoy the forest. Clear the deep snow with the snow plough and also take the kids on skiing or build an igloo. The Winter Village Cottage is the best place to enjoy the holidays in cozier nights.

Main Features and Attractions
This Lego set includes 8 mini figures; grand pa, grand ma, mom, dad, 3 children and a snow plough driver. The set features a cottage, storage shed, igloo, street lamp, snow plough and a sled. Intricate accessories include kitten, fireplace, owl, armchair, kitchen appliances and much more to complete the holiday home. The storage shed consists of tools and firewood elements and the igloos features a fireplace and removable roof to help you place the characters inside easily.


LEGO Creator 31010 Treehouse (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Features 2 tree trunks, detachable Treehouse with detachable roof, secret trapdoor with lock and red bucket trap, fold-down ladder and storage area
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a lakeside hut or farmyard barn Hide the treasure map in the hollow tree Explore the night sky with the telescope
  • Lakeside hut features a small jetty, removable roof and a pizza oven Barn features upper level with ladder access, large wheelbarrow and a garden
  • Measures over 7" (18cm) high, 6" (17cm) wide and 4" (12cm) deep
  • Lakeside hut measures over 3" high, 6" wide and 4" deep Barn measures over 4" high, 4" wide and 4" deep


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