Lego Parisian Restaurant

10243 Parisian Restaurant

Lego Parisian Restaurant

The Lego Parisian Restaurant is impressive and enjoyable. The ambiance and theme feel like you have traveled to the beautiful city of Paris. You can easily imagine the waiters rushing inside the restaurant, a scooter zooming by with the delivery order, a lovely couple inside with a guy about to propose and a skilled chef busy in preparing beautiful dishes.

The package includes many useful parts such as fences, tiles, plants, windows and different types of bricks. The final result is marvelous yet straightforward and mesmerizing. This is a fantastic modular building set to have in your Lego collection. The attention to detail is just incredible.

Main Features and Attractions

This beautiful building is highly detailed. The kitchen is fully stocked with blue and white tiles. It also contains a comfortable apartment with a miniature pulldown bed. The kitchenware, fireplace, and kitchenette are exquisite. The top floor has an artist’s room along with a studio. The studio has an easel, cast iron heater, paintbrush and two beautiful works of art.

The stairs outside the studio lead down to the roof terrace. The roof terrace is beautifully equipped with flowers and hanging lanterns. The diners are dining here in alfresco style. The beautiful and amazing feeling of Paris is captured by the croissants, feather details and the clams. The minifigures included the set are a beautiful romantic couple, chef, a girl and a waiter. The dimensions of this model are 11 inches in height, 9 inches in width and 9 inches in length with 2469 pieces in total.

LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant
  • Build the busy restaurant, apartment and artist's studio!
  • Includes chef, waiter, girl and romantic couple minifigures
  • LEGO Creator Expert building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
  • The building is over 11" high, 9" long and 9" wide
  • 2469 pieces - For LEGO fans over 16 years old


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